My First Love, True Love Begins in Him

This book is a story about my life and how I overcame many obstacles through the Love of God. I tried to keep my story concealed while God was encouraging me to share it in order to help others. This book will encourage those that may think they are too lost to be saved and too ashamed to even utter those “dirty” little secrets. In order for healing and wholeness to take place we must confess and surrender every part of our lives to God. God wants you to know that there is no sin so great that He will not and cannot forgive. Nor is there a pit too dark and deep that He can’t deliver you out of.

Be blessed while you find how I candidly take you to the darkest places of my life.

My Prayer and Hope is That You Would…

Be Free

Free from your past.

Free from what the world says about you.

Free from anything that would hinder you from receiving the fullness of life that Jesus died on the cross for you to have.

Be free to receive God’s love for you


Be free to love yourself!

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